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AZTI-TECNALIA R+D voids our technology

azti logoAZTI-Tecnalia has confirmed the ability of Articube technology to chill drinks and ice in seconds.

Articube technology can chill drinks down to -55°C and ice down to -70°C ice in seconds, as certified by the AZTI-Tecnalia Food Research Unit. Sensory testing carried out in the laboratories at the technology centre have further shown that Articube improves the taste, aroma, temperature in the mouth, look of the glass and the overall appeal of popular cocktails.

AZTI-Tecnalia has verified that this technology can keep the temperature of a gin and tonic 50% cooler for at least 40 minutes compared to a conventional glass and ice. Ice cubes treated with Articube take much longer too melt consequently less water mixes in with the drink, which helps to keep the original flavour of the blend. In specific terms, melting is reduced by 50% after the first 10 minutes and 40% after 40 minutes, with respect to untreated ice.

The experimental tests were carried out by combining gin and tonic at different temperatures and subjecting the glasses and ice to the effect of liquid carbon dioxide. In all cases, 250 grams of cubed ice, 50 ml of gin and 250 ml of tonic were used. The tests performed at standard catering temperatures for both ingredients - gin at 24°C and tonic at 4°C - showed that the Articube technology allows the drink to reach a temperature of -2.3°C for the first ten minutes, whereas a conventional drink reaches a temperature of 3.8°C After 40 minutes, the gin and tonic prepared using Articube returns a temperature of 1.1°C and the conventional drink 4.3°C.

AZTI-Tecnalia also calculated the percentage of melting for the ice cubes, i.e. grams of water lost per 100 grams of ice. Once the gin and tonic is prepared at standard catering temperatures for the ingredients, the new technology ensures that only 8% of the weight of the ice becomes water during the first 10 minutes, while ice not treated with liquid carbon dioxide loses 20% of its weight in the form of water. After 40 minutes, ice chilled with Articube has lost 23% of water and conventional ice cubes 36%.

A technology that rapidly cools drinks and makes ice last longer would be of little use if the sensory quality of the cocktail were adversely affected. For this reason in the sensory analysis laboratory at AZTI-Tecnalia, a group of seven experts in the preparation and tasting of gin and tonic analysed the resulting cocktails. These tests proved that Articube not only has no negative effect whatsoever, but it actually improves the taste, aroma, temperature in the mouth, look of the glass and the overall appeal of this popular drink.