SGI 1050041

Catering School in Leioa, Basque Country University


Workshop on applications of cryogenic gases in food and cooking. Use and safety.

The lecture was given on March 4th by Jesus Diaz de Heredia, Manager and inventor of ARTICUBE, and Aitziber Arias, responsible of the gas company, Praxair.

In this workshop, the students at the catering school in Leioa, learned many of the multiple applications and uses of CO2 in liquid phase for catering and high cocktail bartending.

Under the watchful eye of his teacher, Ibon Andraka, and thanks to the various ARTICUBE devices owned by the University, the students also learned the importance of the use of this type of gas under safety conditions, as well as the different protection systems incorporated in all ARTICUBE devices for safety purposes.

Photo: Jesus Diaz de Heredia (from behind) and Ibon Andraka in foreground